Need help. MySQL node "ERROR: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND"

Can’t figure out how to work with MySQL node?

Need help.

I specify in Credentials http://***********7:90/phpmyadmin/
and when Execute Node shows an error: “ERROR: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND http://***********7:90/phpmyadmin/”

What’s wrong with the Credentials settings?

You have to specify as host exactly what you blurred out in the pictures. So, in this case, the IP address.

Jan, thanks it helped!
But, now a new error.

Hey @Roket!

Looks like the port that you have set is incorrect. On port 90 you’re running another service that is enabling you to access PHPMyAdmin. However, MySQL is not running on the same port (unless you have configured to run it on that port instead).
If you haven’t configured the port for MySQL, can you try using the default port in the MySQL credentials in n8n?

harshil1712, thanks for your attention to my problem.
I tried to specify port 3306, but it didn’t work, again an error.

Default MySQL port in n8n: 3306

Hey @Roket

I am not sure what is wrong here. My MySQL server is running on Port 8889 and that is what I have set in my n8n credentials. When I execute the node, it works for me.

Can you check if you’re able to connect to your MySQL through a different medium? This will help us know if the issue from n8n or not.


Found such settings on the server (the server was not configured by me).

Host: localhost

Does this mean that I cannot access from the outside, for example, request via n8n?

I have a VPS server installed with n8n and a parser script that fills the MySQL database.

You have a different host set up in your server while we are trying to connect with a different host. Since MySQL is not running on the host that you have configured in the MySQL node in n8n, we are getting the errors. You will have to update the host for your MySQL server.

You will have to update the host for your MySQL server.

And how to do it? I am not good at programming.

You have to change the value of the host with the value of the IP address. I would recommend you to checkout the MySQL Forum where you will get a detailed answer.

Thank harshil1712
Everything worked out. A professional programmer helped me.

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@Roket I am gald it worked out! Have fun! :slightly_smiling_face: