Need help with a trigger node for gravity forms. No way to register webhook through an API?


I am going to develop a trigger node for gravity forms.

It seems there is no way to create webhooks through the API.
There is a Webhook Add-on which seems to do the trick for the trigger., just no way to register new webhooks through an API.

rest doc: REST API v2 Guide - Gravity Forms Documentation

Does anyone know a solution to my issue?
Or does someone know more about this API and webhooks to point me to an option to register webhooks through an API?

I think my other options would be to poll the data or have the client create webhooks by hand, which is not really preferable.


Hi @BramKn, I don’t know about their API (might be worth asking their support team or community), but if there is no way to programatically register a webhook you could consider building a trigger node using polling.

An example node doing this would be the Google Calendar trigger in case you’d like to browse some existing code.

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Thanks @MutedJam
I will reach out to them.
This polling example looks great, so this will be a good alternative, thanks!

I want to thank the team for making the polling so easy to implement. :slight_smile:
Works perfectly, no need for webhooks.
Works even better, as it is easy to have a manual date to fill in for the development of the workflow. :smiley:
Ps. @MutedJam there is a typo for a variable in the google Calendar node. “pooltimes” where it should I guess be “PollTimes”.

One small question:
When saving the Active workflow it retriggers the last execution of it, resulting in the same data going through that workflow. Is this preventable?