Need help with Facebook Webhook connection

Hi guys,

I got stuck with Verify Token part. I don’t know how to fill that out. Any idea?

Is there any recent instruction how to connect to Facebook API and the practice of the node?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I only need helps with connection; I somehow have fun to implement Facebook API on my page. It is a way to learn as well tbh, so I very appreciate it if someone give me a detail of how to connect to Facebook App to use API.


Hey @semighoti,

Connecting to Facebooks API can be a bit tricky but the last time I did it I followed the steps here: Facebook App - n8n Documentation assuming you are after the trigger option.

Hi @Jon Thanks for the answer. I appreciate it very much

I set up Facebook Trigger successfully.

I have another question. Can I receive Trigger when I receive messages from Messenger? I could not find the option in the Facebook Trigger, only Page Trigger.

Can I connect N8N webhook node to facebook webhook app?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @semighoti,

I guess that depends on if the Facebook API supports it, We would have made the node originally based on what was asked for but things change over time and I don’t think we have really gone back to that node.

In theory you could point the Facebook webhooks to any n8n webhook as long as you can handle the requests and any signing it needs in your workflow.

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Thanks for the response. I’ll be working around then.

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