Need New Node as per our need

Is there anyone Who Can create Nodes for Me I need approx 50 to 60 nodes so that we can install and our users can use in absolutely free of cost

I moved the topic to the “Jobs” section.

I assume you read our license. If you are unsure regarding it, best to set up a call with our team. Without knowing more, is it generally OK if the users can download and install on their own servers. Hosting for example would however still not be allowed.

We are Institutes, user will use it on our server in free of cost.

Great, then sounds like it is internal usage.

What kind of nodes do you require? Are they connecting to REST APIs? I am asking because we have a new way of creating such nodes (currently in beta). So if you require such nodes, it would make sense to create them in that new fashion as it will be much easier and faster to developed and so also cheaper.

Btw. you can also contact us here, we will then match you up with a development partner.


Basically, we want to make user easier to use the nodes ( which we will deploy on our server and after its working fine, we can submit the nodes to N8n if they want they can use it in their code.

Nodes basically will be specialised in multiple applications like ( Facebook ( Pull Leads more easily ) in similar way we would like to get it developed for other users who can easily use without being more technical ( similar to Zapier or Pabbly etc )

Hi @jan

I’ve been waiting on this new way of creating nodes, specifically an example of how to do it the new way. Do you have an example of where this was used or can you point me to some documentation on it?

Can you please help me with the new way so that we can create multiple nodes, for our users who want to use & try n8n platform which is self hosted by us on AWS platform

@BramKnuever @chandan988 as mentioned above is it still in beta. Meaning it is still possible that changes are made to it, which then could break nodes. For that reason, is there currently no documentation publicly available. I can however give you access to some very basic high-level documentation I wrote very fast last week. That should be enough to get you started. You just have to be aware that you may have to go in again and invest a few minutes to make some changes on those nodes again in case we make tweaks. If you are interested please write me a private message. I will then share the link.

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@jan I’m developing a node for MailerSend, I started with the
Then Creating Your First Node | Docs

I was thinking about contributing a bit to the documentation but, I don’t which direction is the node creation going.

I see the Mattermost node is very elaborated but I’m not sure if that is a good first example to point new developers (for example General Guidelines | Docs ) maybe have another simpler node to point to as first option then the Mattermost node.

Anyway, could you share the docs you created? and if there’s a guide to PRs also for new developers?