Need some help with HTTP set up

I don’t fully understand configuring an HTTP node so need some help from a kind person.

I need to use the API of a service called Proxycurl (

I have signed up for a trial account and have an API key.

How to configure the HTTP node?

Here are the docs -

My end goal here is a workflow where a campaign action in Mautic sends a webhook to n8n with a linkedIn profile url as a payload. That LinkedIn profile url is sent to the Proxycurl API via the HTTP node to look for an email address associated with the profile, if found push it back into Mautic.

I am confident of building out the workflow if I can just get the HTTP node to access the API and retrieve data. My clumsy attempts so far have all failed.

Can someone scan the docs and give me some layperson’s guidance?

Trial and error finally stumbled on the solution


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