Need to update my Self hosted n8n version

I am using 2022 Version of n8n multi-user and i have created so many flows.

Now I need to update to the latest version without loosing any data Any video or solution to upgrade to latest version

I have installed via Docker Compose - n8n Documentation this process, Now need to upgrade to latest version of n8n how can I do that without loosing anything

tried to follow Docker - n8n Documentation alternate option for CLI but getting error please help

now getting bad gateway after updating and it has been more than 1 hour what to do in this

Finally I was able to login to n8n application but

  1. All the users created were restored
  2. But I lost all the created workflow under my account & users account ( how to resolve this issue please help in this )

Do you have any experience with Docker? Because running an application like n8n is nothing anybody without the proper knowledge should do. The result is then very often extended downtime and potential data loss.

Regarding your data. What folder did you have defined in your old setup as DATA_FOLDER? That information you can find in the .env file (is by default /root/n8n/). That is where all your n8n data is stored. It is important that also your new updated setup uses the same folder.

Btw. no matter what. Make sure you create regular backups of your workflows moving forward. That is not just important if an update goes wrong like now, also if you overwrite a workflow by accident, your server dies, you lose access, … and so much more.

Here is an example workflow that backs up the data to GitHub:

@jan Data folder is same as it was in .env but why i am unable to see the
is their any other files that i need to check about data folder ?

is this correct in docker-compose.yml file

i had not changed anything,

Hey @chandan988,

In theory the database and config would be in whatever you have that data folder environment option set to.

In that folder there will be a hidden folder called .n8n that will container everything.

The downside is if the users are all back and you don’t do anything the workflows will also be there as they are kept in the same place.

I suspect this means your workflows are gone but we don’t know what happened between the initial error and you being able to log back in. Did it ask you to make an owner account again and did you manually create the users? This will help work out what might have went wrong.

I hired someone from other portal and issue got resolved, it was related to some table ( database )

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