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Hello n8n community!
Is it possible to add IF conditional logic within an expression?
I’m building the body of an email within a node and would like to conditionally include a string in the Nodes output, only if a parameter is present in the input. I know I could do this with additional IF nodes but hoping to simplify the Workflow.

So IF $json[“field name”] exists “insert this” else “insert this instead” kind of thing

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Felix_is_stuck, that should be possible using something like {{$json["field_name"] || 'foo'}}.

If field_name exists and has a value, the expression would return that value. Otherwise it would return foo.

Thank you!!

An extension of this theme:

Let’s say I have a variable called Name, that is not always set. I want to write an expression that says if Name (is Set), insert “My name is “&Name&”,\n”, else, once again I tried to amend your expression and failed :confused:

Also, is there an online resource that explains more about the different functions and operators available to use within n8n - I had a little look in the n8n docs but not finding much there about expressions.

Hey @Felix_is_stuck,

Sounds like you might want the ternary option, check this out and see if it is close to what you are after: JavaScript Code Snippets | Docs

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That’s perfect! Thank you - really appreciate the additional reading too.


No problem, happy automating :tada: