Netsuite HTTP Request using OAUTH1

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I am trying to connect to Netsuite, but the HTTP Request node specifies:
Authorization URL
Access Token URL
Request Token URL

Is the Suitetalk url the authorization url? (xxxxx…
From what I can see they do not provide the token urls. I do have the Token ID and Token secret, but nowhere to enter them…

Please share the workflow

“nodes”: [
“parameters”: {
“authentication”: “oAuth1”,
“options”: {}
“name”: “HTTP Request”,
“type”: “n8n-nodes-base.httpRequest”,
“typeVersion”: 1,
“position”: [
“credentials”: {
“oAuth1Api”: {
“id”: “1”,
“name”: “Unnamed credential”
“connections”: {}

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@Manuel_Bautista welcome to the community

Can you please share the docs of the API that you are trying to connect to? I could not find it myself, and you seem to need an account to access it but not 100% sure.

I don’t have documentation, but here is my postman example.

I think the postman mechanics is different since here, you need to have the tokens, but in ours, we get the token from the URLs (Request token URL, Authorization Token URL, and Access Token URL). I would guess the URLs are in the docs somewhere.

NetSuite uses its own implementation of OAuth 1.0 which does not call an authorization URL. Unfortunately, there’s not a guide per se, but here are a few excerpts from SuiteAnswers.

Example of how to build the OAuth Header and call another NetSuite API from inside of NetSuite

Example Header

Hi Manuel, did you succeeded integrating netsuite OAuth1 with n8n?

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Hi all,

Is this the correct NetSuite documentation?

I may be taking on a project involving NetSuite’s CRM. Would be my first time working with NetSuite. Before I commit to the project, I would definitely want to be sure NetSuite has a fully built-out API I can use to make the integration. (Main use case would be to push lead/contact data into NetSuite, based on triggers. And nice to have would be to push data back [to n8n] from events within NetSuite.)

Can anyone confirm NetSuite’s API is ready to rock and roll, and that what I would need is possible?

@Manuel_Bautista @RicardoE105

Thank you!


Had a quick look and look to me that they have everything you would need to create the integration

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A buddy and me are working on this. In the example node there is a part of the credentials file where they specify the authorization and where it belongs in the API call. On a node where you’re generating the authorization like this one, is it advised to generate that in the credential file, or in the node file?

Hello all,

We have published a community node that gives users an easy way to set up HTTP requests to a Netsuite restlet in your n8n workflows.

You can find that here -