New community node to render content with templates

Hi people,

Today I fixed several issues with this node.

If you had any problem when installing, please reinstall it again!


Hi community!

I have updated this node with a couple of options:

  • Define the name of the output property.
  • Load templates from public URLs to avoid hardcoding HTML in strings (very useful to organize your templates externally).

Install or update the community node n8n-nodes-document-generator.

You have a sample task to play with the node!


Nice, I will update later. I use the node to build out messages from RSS Feeds.

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Sorry man, I have downloaded this to test this feature and must have sent you e-mails inintententionaly . The sendmail node has your details in it and did not pay attention at first.

Thank you for having shared this one!

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No problem @Phonitel :slight_smile:
Enjoy it!

Hello Miquel, what would be the best option to format date using this node? Using handlebars addons is it possible?

Hi @vbarrier

Data must be prepared before using the template.

I recommend you to use the Date Time node.
Format the date as you want. Save it as a new property, and use the generated property in your template.

I hope this helps.

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