New community node to render content with templates

Hi community,

I usually work with Function and Function Item nodes to generate my emails and HTML pages.
But using those nodes to generate content is not usable for non-technical users.

I have created a new community node Document Generator that fixes this using the Handlebars library.

Additionally, I have uploaded the sample workflow Generate dynamic contents for EMAILS or HTML pages

I will publish soon new tools to boost your n8n development.

Enjoy and share your feedback about the new node!


Hey @Miquel_Colomer,

I had an alert about this earlier today and I have it on my list to checkout next week. Looks really cool and I can see it saving a lot of time.

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Thank you @Jon!

Yes. Absolutely. I was tired of doing this with SETs or coding :frowning:

This can be applied to generate any kind of content (Telegram/Slack messages, text files, tickets and more…). Not only emails.

I will add more features soon (like external templates).

Sure! Let me know your feedback!

Take care!

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I am very happy you created this. :slight_smile:


Thank you @BramKn!

I hope this would be useful for you and your customers :wink:

It will be very useful indeed. Was actually thinking of developing this myself.

I do wonder about the handlebars, this isnt a standard package in n8n right? so it is being installed when installing this?
If so, please also mention this in the doc, I didn’t see it listed at a quick glance.

When you install the community node, all the required packages are installed automatically.

Just install the node, try the sample and boost your content.

Yes, I will add that details in the documentation.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear.
I know it will install it when needed, I have tested the node and works great on first try.
It would however be very important to let people know what will be installed when installing this node.

Most Community nodes do not have any dependencies .

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Understood. Ok, I will add it.

Thank you for your feedback @BramKn!

Also you are missing something from the item structure it seems.

No mention of pairedItem data. :wink:

Yes. It must be removed from node (this is an unneeded feature).

Node was developed to generate binary output. But it makes no sense now.

But why remove the pairedItem data?

Let me check pairedItem issue well and I will let you know when ready.

I didn’t read all the documentation and node was made in a couple of hours.

So, errors are normal :wink:

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It’s not an error if it is intentional of course.
Also it is a failry recent addition to the item, so if you simply forgot it, thats also possible. :wink:

can’t wait for the node to be completely done with PDF templates and all.

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I have updated the node with the next changes:

  • fixed pairedItem missing property (not sure if this is applicable when only one item is returned).
  • added the Handlebars dependency in README file.
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Awesome thanks!

The paired Items is important if you have different paths the workflow follows after If statements for example. :wink:

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Can you combine binary files to send them via email node?

Hi @Mulen,

The node only generates content using a template and combining with your JSON input.
This is the output. And this output could be saved to a binary file in the future (HTML, TEXT or PDF).

I think your demand is a bit different. What kind of files are you trying to combine and why?

I try to combine email adresses with binary files as attachments and send them. I have already done and it is working but maybe i though would be more elegant to use your node to do it.

That’s another use case not related with this node.

I recommend you to open another topic and detail everything about your use-case.
Perhaps somebody has free time to help in your requirement :wink:

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