New lines "\n" in "table-view", but not in "json-view"?

How come I see new lines \n in “table-view”, but not in “json-view”?
I want to modify the JSON text to add line breaks in HTML (<br/>) where the \n are, but since it’s stripped out of the JSON I’m unsure how to go about that.

(The goal is to be able to add the text to a Webflow “Rich Text” field and get the different paragraphs, instead of everything on one long line like now.)



Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 1.0.5
  • Database: postgresql 15
  • Running n8n: docker
  • Operating system: Linux Debian 12

Looks like a bug. But would then only be in the view but would always execute 100% correctly.

As far as I can tell, it’s not there when the next node get the json. But not sure how to verify, other than my code does not work/find any new lines (\n).

Please post a workflow that reproduces that (newlines existing but then disappearing and so the replace not working). We can then have a look. Thanks!

Not totally sure how to do that best? It pulls the data from an API via HTTP request (output is JSON), but the data contains some personal information – so it’s not suited on a public forum. And if the goal is to have “untouched” data I’m not sure how to go about it.

What I see is that the table view consistently shows /n lines throughout the workflow, while the JSON view does not. And it seems like the JSON output (ie. $json.someid) also is missing the /n – so trying to manipulate the /n in the JSON data via i.e. a Code node, does not work.

The data is not extremely sensitive or anything, but not suitable here. I can give access individually to the instance if you want?


It seems like the \n gets added to the webflow cms item, but does not show on the final site. It’s apparently an existing bug.

I’m not sure about why I don’t see the \n json view, but it seems to go through. So I’m blaming webflow for not having sorted this out.

Solved my problem. I used a Code module to parse the json and replace the \n and swap it with <br /> – that seems to force Webflow to show line breaks (even if it shows correct with \n in the CMS, just not on the site).

This is the code I used:

// Loop through all items
const outputData =, index) => {
  // Get the plain text from the input data
  const plainText = items.json.<key-that-has-text-with-newlines> || '';

  // Build the rich text format
  const richText = [
      content: plainText.replace(/\n/g, '<br/>'), // Convert line breaks to <br> for rich text
      type: "paragraph",

  // Add the parsed rich text to the output data with the new key "<key-that-has-text-with-newlines>-parsed"
  // (I want to keep the unmodified text also)
  return {
    json: {
      ...items.json, // Keep the existing JSON data
      "<key-that-has-text-with-newlines>-parsed": richText

// Output the modified items
return outputData;

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