New MYSQL NODE has a bug?

Hi, ive updated my n8n, and the new mysql nodes has an issue:
it only accepts querys, when i try to use the Inser or Update with my table name it says it does no exist! but it does! :confused:

I dont know why it goes like “mysql dot the name of my table” … its weird

Hey @Fernanda_Silva,

Just to check is that actually the table name or are you using Database_Name.Table_Name?

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Yes, im sure only because with my old version of the node it works, only i dont have the “upsert” method im nedding to use and i see is available in the new version of the node;…

but then like this it works:

Hey @Fernanda_Silva,

That is odd, the no such table message should be coming back from MySQL.

I did wonder if maybe we were not parsing the table name correctly, for this though it would be important to confirm that the value is the table name and that marketing_homolog is not the name of the database


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