New n8n Update changed Airtable Long-Text Field Output.. arrghhhh!

Hi All

I’ve just updated to the latest n8n cloud version. Unfortunately, I’ve just noticed that when recalling a ‘List’ Operation from Airtable, where the long-text might have a carriage-return/new line, it now puts a “\n”, so the following address in airtable:

999 Some Rd
Some Area
Some Country
Some Postcode

would now look like this on calling in the data from Airtable to n8n:

999 Some Rd\nSome Area\nSome Country\nSome Postcode

Can someone advise how on earth I can cleanse the data to exclude this new “\n” output, by perhaps replacing it with a comma instead?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Ignore, false alert! Basically it’s because I was looking at the Output in ‘Table’ format. As soon as viewing in JSON or Schema, it was fine. The Table format was obviously adding the “\n”


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