New node proposal: CCXT


It would be great to have a CCXT node to interact with many crypto currency exchanges in order to get trading balance amount, get the last price of a crypto currency or to push buy/sell orders for example.

Javascript lib is available here:

Thanks :slight_smile:

@dokime7 Cool. Perhaps in the meantime you can use the Coingecko node or the HTTP node.

No, because it’s not an online API but a library that abstract many exchanges API.
If I need to call some exchanges with HTTP node, I will have to learn each exchanges API…

For getting price with Coingecko node, of course, I developed it :slight_smile:
But for push orders, CCXT would be great.

I know that n8n must have a minimal dependencies, so I don’t know if including CCXT lib is possible or not.

Yes, since CCXT it’s not a rest api but a wrapper around a bunch of apis, we would have to implement them individually.