New Udemy Course : Introduction to AI Automation with n8n and langchain

Hi everyone,

I created a Udemy course called Introduction to AI Automation with n8n and LangChain.

There are 11 AI Automation Projects including Automated Stock Analysis with SEC 10K data and Financial Data like earnings ratio as well as earnings transcripts into long form report.

Here is an instructor discount code that I’ve created for the community.



Updated course to include:

  • How to use powerful custom tools in AI workflows using automated team of ai agents example

  • How to self host n8n on cloud service with

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@Derek_Cheung I am really happy to see a n8n course that is being updated :slight_smile:

For now, it is pretty simple, but it looks like a good outline to keep updating.
Keep up the good work—I bought your course to show my support for such training programs and to brush up on some of the new AI capabilities n8n has been working on! :slight_smile:

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Thank you David. I greatly appreciate the support.

I just finished updating a template to have both an n8n instance and Flowise instance together in one self-hosted deploy.

This allows n8n to tap into the puppeteer support in Flowise to augment n8n workflows for the case of web scrapeing javascript enabled websites to populate AI QA workflows.

I’ll add lecture on this soon.

I’m signing up too. Completely new to N8N so I will come back to give some feedback on how it went. Looking forward to jumping in!

Welcome to the community Jack. Thank you for your support. I’d appreciate very much your feedback.