[newbie question] how to check for keywords in text

Hi All…

I have a list of keywords that is either separate items or i can aggregate them in an array.
I want to have an automation where the system will check for records in baserow and see if the text field in that record (Description field) has any of the (Keywords) then it will push it to a separate output or filter it out.

Would appreciate if anyone can guide me on how to do this.
I tried the switch node and the IF node but my struggle is how can i tell the system to check if ANY of the (Keywords) is showing in the (Description)

Thanks in advance

Hey @mibrahim547,

An IF node would do the job, Did you already try setting the Combine option to ANY? I suspect that will do the job.

Hi yes I did
But the keywords list is dynamic
Do I get to use the array in the value field ?

Hey @mibrahim547,

Is the description and the keywords dynamic or are you checking the description for a fixed set of keywords?

Apologies that i didn’t describe the use case clearly:

So my use case is that i have several clients.

  1. For every client i will register a list of keywords in baserow. its a keyword table that has a single keyword in every row and there is an another Colum that carries the client name.
  2. then i will have list of websites that are scraped for this client and it has website ‘description’ field.

in my automation i will fetch the list of keywords of that client and then i want to vet the websites by checking if the ‘description’ of the website has any of the ‘keywords’ then i will mark it as ‘related’ website.

Hey @mibrahim547,

Sounds like you can use the if node so you would need to have the baserow node that gets your rows then check each item from that against the output of the node that contains the data. It might be worth starting with a smaller example using just one site then you can work out if any extra looping is needing, This would also give you an example workflow you can share if you do need a bit more help.

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