Newbie with n8n

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After my hosting company install the n8n server for me, I get the server from my subdomain, then I try to build a workflow creating a webhook node, but the URL shown is localhost, I missed something? my n8n is installed on vps through npm.

Hey @8ITC,

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It sounds like they have not set the WEBHOOK_URL environment variable. Check out this page for a bit more info: Configuration | Docs

Hi, thanks for your help.
I type that command through SSH android terminal, after that try again the Webhook node it still show the same localhost url, I missed something? There need some command to restart the app again?

The command I used

Hey @8ITC,

You would need to restart n8n, do you know how n8n is set up to launch? There are a few options with running an npm package and that may change how you set that option.