Newby-Question: How can I setup Workflow so test-executions is not counting in the Monthly executions?

Sorry for this newby-question. But I can’t find information in Forum/Documenation/google about.

Problem: Not very well skilled in JS-programming > a lot of executions for try&error

I’m new in and also not very skilled in JS-programming. I have to execute many times some parts of the hole workflow. (With the playbutton of the particular node or inside of the node with execute node).

Unfortunately, the Monthly executions in the Dashboard overview also counts this «testing executions» although the workflow is not set as «active». And also I did only one time click on the «Execute Workflow» button in the workflow canvas.


  1. Do I have to change some settings, so only «aktived» workflows and «real world» executions are counted in the «Monthly executions»?

  2. OR, is this the normal behaviour and I have to live with tones of counted Monthly executions, although the workflow is not yet working or can be activated at all.

  3. B) If 2. is true, does anybody has a hint/link/help/idea to test the JS-Code and other parts of the n8n outside of so the Monthly executions don’t have such a bad starting point?

Thank you for help

Hey @mad99,

Is this with the cloud version of n8n? Any execution test or not would count towards your allocation so what you could do is use the Desktop version of n8n to create your workflow and test them then export the workflow and import it into the cloud version.


hey @Jon,
Yes it’s in cloudApp.
What a great and obvious idea with the desktop Version.
(This often happens to me at the beginning in new systems, when I can’t see the forest for the trees. :blush:)
Thank you very mutch!