Nextcloud: no output data after uploading

When a file is uploaded via some other node, like Google Drive, some data is returned, like file id’s.

But Nextcloud returns no data (i.e. it sends the same number of empty items). How can I grab the necessary data?

If I remember correctly, we looked into this before, and the API call does not return any data. It seems like for Nextcloud the ID is the path? You can use the file path to use any other operations in the node, like sharing the file afterward. What data do you need once the file is uploaded?

I need to take the file IDs to form internal links (and public links as well).
Right now I use another node to list all the files in the folder and use a Keep by already known names using a Merge. The List operation gives all necessary data, I wish it would be availale after uploading too.