Nginx reverse proxy

Hello guys.i have installed nginx and now i want to use n8n as a subfolder in it.
I am running on linux 20.04 and using Docker. the browser loads the page (, the title of the page is n8n, but the page is white blank. shows nothing.

here are my conf files :
docker :

docker run -d \
	--name n8n \
	--restart=always \
	-e \
	-e N8N_PROTOCOL=https \
	-e N8N_PORT=5678 \
	-p \

and nginx .conf:

location /n8n/ {
    proxy_pass    ;
    proxy_http_version      1.1;
    proxy_set_header Connection '';
    proxy_buffering off;
    proxy_cache off;
    chunked_transfer_encoding off;

    auth_basic "What's the password?";
    auth_basic_user_file /etc/htpasswd;


thank you.

I have never done it, but here you find GitHub - linuxserver/reverse-proxy-confs: These confs are pulled into our SWAG image: many proxy confs for subdomain and subfolder (_template as a general), which you can model. n8n has only subdomain there but I assume you can do it from the template.

thank you. i had to use subdomain instead of subfolder for n8n :

now everything works except one thing. the jobs that need webhook url, like telegram trigger. doesn’t work.

Try setting
See Environment variables - n8n Documentation

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i have set that. and https is working too.

i dont know why it doesnt work.
any option should i add to nginx conf file ?

nginx conf
We use an edited version of the above, hope it helps.


thank you very much.
so i had to add webhook url to nginx conf file too !

it worked ! all triggers works too !

may you help me pls with webtop too ?

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