No javascript parameters in error workflow

I want to edit message in telegram with node:

But If message id is wrong telegram will throw 400 error - Bad Request: message to edit not found.
I create error workflow for it. I save execution data in error workflow but there no message id, only my code from node setup:
={{ $ }}

In my main workflow this code executes correct:

So I cant properly manage this error in my error workflow because I don’t have message id for it.
I use
I think it’s bug.

Hi @dipsik, welcome to the community! I am very sorry to hear you are having trouble.

The error workflow itself would not receive all live execution data from your failing workflow. However, assuming you are storing the execution data for the failing workflow, you could fetch the full execution data from your failing workflow through the API in your error workflow and then process it as needed. For example like so:

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