No options shown in dropdown from Hubspot "get" node

Hey guys, so on my Workflow I want to:

  • Use a Hubspot trigger, every time a certain contact property changes (Done)
  • Get contact’s information (Problem is here)
  • Send a message via Helena (app) with those infos and start sales conversation

It happens that in my second workflow node, the one where I “get” the contact’s information from Hubspot, to later send it to the other app for messaging, there’s no options shown when I get to the " " dropdown.

It just keeps loading and doesn’t change.

I read somewhere in this forum that when this happens for G Sheets (instead of HS), it might be because it isn’t liked to G Drive… But anyways, I have a pretty simple workflow to build and am stuck here.

Any help?

Hi @Pedro_Lima, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately I am not sure what exactly might be missing here based on the information provided so far. Perhaps you can confirm the below details?

  • Which version of n8n exactly are you using?
  • How did you authenticate Hubspot? Have you enabled all the scopes from our documentation?
  • Are other operations working for you, like fetching a contact by ID (where the list is not required)? This should look like so:

    If not, can you share the exact error you are getting?

Hey there! Thanks for the response.
I believe I managed to go through with this workflow, but I got stuck in another issue:

As you can see on the print I sent, I am receiveing this error when I try to get a specific contact’s info.
I already managed to fully setup the two previous nodes:

  • The first one being for the HS trigger
  • The second one is like this (I want to get all the contact’s info first so I can later get his phone number and name):

So here is where I am running into the problem (1st print screen).
On this third node (supposing I did everything correctly on the second one), I want to get two specific pieces of data from the contact: Phone number and full name.
But when I try to put these properties (I literally just dragged ad droped the property "phone → “value” from left side into the fied where the error shows up.
As you can see, below the green text I can already see exactly the output I want, but I am not able to go on with the workflow and send this output to my next app…

So, if you can help with the task of getting the info, so I can later send it to my messaging app, I would be very grateful!
If you need any more info or data, just ask :slight_smile:


@MutedJam just letting you know :wink: Waiting for some help

Hey @Pedro_Lima, the screenshot suggests you are trying to get a contact and fetch a property called +5584996958886 from Hubspot:

That’s not a valid Hubspot property. If you’re looking to fetch the phone number of a Hubspot contact simply select the relevant property like so:

Ok, got it!

As you can see, I included on the selection both of the contact properties I want to use in the next step of the worflow.
However, I still cannot see the output I was hoping for. The output is no different from before, as I only want to sen the “firstname” and “phone” properties which are both inside that “Properties” column on the right side.

I believe the conection to the messaging app in the next node will be via Webhook. How can I filter only these two contact infos to go to the next step on this workflow? Or am I missing something?

@MutedJam just letting you know I’m still stuck here

Hi @Pedro_Lima, if you’d like to change the data structure there’s the Edit Fields (Set) node. Simply define the fields you would like to keep and do not include any fields you don’t want to see.

On the Hubspot node itself you probably don’t want to use “History” in the Include field (unless you also want older values for your selected properties).

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@MutedJam Great! tks for the help
As you can see, I managed to catch exactly the data I want to send to my other tool, a whatsapp messaging tool called “Helena”:

But now I don’t know how to setup a webhook to send this info (contact name and telephone number) to my other app.

Any tips?

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Hey @Pedro_Lima, a webhook is just a simple HTTP request: Webhook - Wikipedia

In n8n, you can send such requests using the HTTP Request node:

Hope this helps!

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