No support for shared drives for the "Download" Drive node?

I have a flow that creates a file whith Drive node, by duplicating another, then edit it with the DOCs node, and then download it as a PDF with the drive node. I switched to a “shared drive” and then the donwload part doesn’t work anymore. It returns “The resource you are requesting could not be found”.
Maybe it can be something related to the flag “supportsTeamDrives” of the internal request of the drive node? reference from this in the link below
Just to clarify, the first part works, the file does get created and I can access it

Hope you guys can help me!


I stuck at same situation. Any update on this?


Didn’t get any feedback on this issue, I got around the issue by creating a lambda function on AWS that handles the Google Drive integration with their python package, so I call it with the Lambda node sending the file ID and receive the pdf binary in return.


Thank you for sharing.

Another workaround here, I use copy action of Google Drive node to copy files from shared drive to personal drive. After copying, I’m able to download file with the new ID.

I hope further readers will see our comments :slight_smile:
Another option is adding these workarounds into Google drive nodes documents @MutedJam @jon


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Support got added (feat(Google Drive Node): Add Shared Drive support for operations download, delete and share by janober · Pull Request #3294 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub) and will be released with the next version.

Got released with [email protected]

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