Nocodb node update row problem


I have a problem with the NocoDB node and especially with the update operation of the node. No matter what number I write in the “row_id” param, this node updates all my rows and not just the specific row I want.

Here are the params of my node :

So, I have tried to update my row with a simple HTTP request and it works perfectly.

Then, I suggest that there is a pb in the NocoDB node with the update row option. But I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong with this node or if there is actually a problem with the node.

Does anyone have the same issue with the NocoDB update row operation?

Hey @clac!

I tested the NocoDB node and it works for me as expected. It only updates the Row that I specify.

Thanks for your answer @harshil1712 !

So the pb should come from my setup. What are the params of the node you used please ?

Thanks !

My node looks similar to yours. Here’s the screenshot

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Okay, thank you very much ! I will dig deeper in my config to see where is the pb. Thanks :slight_smile: