Nocodb record exists how to?

Hello. We are unsuccessfully trying to build a queue in nocodb and then execute it each record on a separate process.
As a protection measure, we were hoping to validate that the result did not already exists in the queue table. A webhook receives an array and we try to iterate each record with an if before inserting. The problem is that the “false” case does not provide any data and we can not access the array from the previous node. Perhaps this is to with nocodb storage but wondering what would be the alternative method to evaluate that.


The problem is that the “false” case does not provide any data

Hi @luison, have you enabled the “Always Output Data” option on your NocoDB node?

Using this option, the execution wouldn’t stop even if the node doesn’t produce any result. You could then use a Set node after your NocoDB node to fetch relevant data from previous nodes using a suitable expression.

Thanks. Yes that option is on but still empty false response. Just also trying to understand the best way to deal with conditionals if within loops.

my first thought is, maybe “If NOT exists clients ID” and run the next NocoDB node off the “True” branch, if I’m reading what you’re saying correct about “False” branch not having any data.

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Hi @luison, did you try adding the Set node? Even if your NocoDB node produces an empty item because the lookup failed, you can use expressions after your NocoDB node to read data from before the NocoDB node as needed. Perhaps you can try something like {{ $("Clients Split").item.json }} and confirm if you are seeing any errors?

Thanks, yes the Set Node with previous value works but unless there’s is another way we understand that that requires to redefine each value manually which might be an inconvenience if the array varies in the future.

If you don’t want the Set node you can alternative use the Merge node to get the data back:

The “Replace incoming data with something else” node in this example will replace your incoming data, similar to what most the NocoDB node would do. However, the subsequent Merge node combines both the previous and the new data into a single new item, giving you back the previous data structure.

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