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how to use 2 filters in NocoDB node in get Many operation.

I have two fields and I need the query to have these two variables.
I wrote the formula like this: (PhoneID,eq,example)and(AccountID,eq,example2)

But it is giving error

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Hi @Victor_Hugo, I am not a NocoDB-user, but from looking at their documentation it seems to me the the AND would have to be start. Their example looks like AND({Column} > 2, {Column} < 10), so perhaps try AND((PhoneID,eq,example),(AccountID,eq,example2)) instead of putting the AND in the middle?

If you are still getting any errors it’d be great if you could share the respective error message.

I couldn’t, it returns empty even though it was done like this
1 filter:

2 filters:

You need to use this formula:



Is there any place where I can look up these formulas?

They are in the NocoDB docs that @MutedJam linked to last week.

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