Node 14.15.1 error?

Hi, just update to the latest Node version (14.15.1). When running the app we get an error:

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
The issue has been logged for investigation. Please try again later.

Is this a (known) problem with N8N and node V14.15.1?

– switching back to 12.4.0 displays the app as usual.

I just updated my development docker image to the latest Node.js version (14.15.1), blew away all “node_modules” folders on all levels and the same with the “package-lock.json” files. Then did run lerna bootstrap --hoist. After that, everything was running perfectly.

So the answer is “no”. All should be running just fine.

Not sure if you upgraded from v12 to v14 keeping all the “node_modules” in place. Because that will cause problems for sure. After all, would you then run code that got generated by version 12 for v12 with v14.