Node Font Awesome Icons

I’m currently in the process of building some custom workflow nodes and am having trouble with Font Awesome icons. I am currently building the nodes and putting them in ~/.n8n/custom/ - they get loaded just fine but I cannot add any Font Awesome icons that aren’t used somewhere else in the front-end already. I assume this is because the bundle is being minimized and won’t add new Font Awesome icons that aren’t imported somewhere else already? Does anyone know what voodoo magic commands I need to run in order to import ALL Font Awesome icons? I don’t really care about increased bundle size since I’m going to be running this on loopback and speed isn’t an issue.


@jchristman welcome to the community.

Not 100% sure but I will add the fa icons needed here

Yes, what @RicardoE105 wrote is correct. There is currently no functionality to add additional font-awsome icons manually. You really would have to use a custom image logo.

ah thanks for pointing out that file! I might be able to programmatically modify that file to make other other icons available. As I’m not super familiar with the build system, would you be able to tell me whether that file is reloaded on every npm run start, or would I have to re-run npm run build to ensure that it is correctly loaded?

Thank you both for the quick response! As an aside, I am working on a project that utilizes n8n side by side with another Node server to build an automation system for cybersecurity software. This requires me to auto-generate workflow nodes and trigger nodes, so I’m working through the best way to do that without requiring potential plugin authors to learn Typescript in addition to vanilla (ES6) Node.js and GraphQL. Thanks for the assist @jan and @RicardoE105