Node for Braintree billing solution

Please would you consider adding a node for Braintree. It is a major billing service that is owned by Paypal.

We currently use a zapier version of the braintree integrations, and would prefer to move all our zaps to n8n

Happy to help debug any work effort

Welcome to the community @Paul_H

Would you please tell us what functionality you would require exactly? To be sure that if this node gets created, it already does what you need it to do.

Thanks for the quick response
We currently use the zapier to report any of the following to our slack channel
New account created
Subscription status change (new/changed/ cancelled) with details
Successful and failed charge notifications

We would be happy to help beta test the node

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We are trying to move a braintree zap over to n8n.
At this time all we need to do is accept an incoming webhook. However it is encoded and we are not too sure how to get it parse the payload and unencode into JSON.
We have set up an API at braintree

BraintreeGateway gateway = new BraintreeGateway(

Where the item starting 5g is our Merchant ID
Then “public Key”
then “private Key”

We need some guidance as to how to set up these credentials in n8n so that the incoming webhook can respond back and get the data payload

Not sure if that all makes sense. Any guidance would be much appreciated

Hey @Paul_H,

I took a look at the Braintree API documentation, and it looks like that you will have to use their SDK to parse the JSON. If you’re self-hosting n8n, you can install the SDK on the server and use the NODE_FUNCTION_ALLOW_EXTERNAL variable to make it available in the Function node.

You can learn more here: [HELP] Not been able to import external modules - #12 by jan