Node for cloudflare

Cloudflare is very famous for security DNS and others management

Its API help manage many domains easier from n8n
I think this help much for admin and IT work.

Can you please elaborate on what things you want to do exactly to make sure that if it gets implemented those things are possible. The reason is that APIs are normally huge and not everything can be implemented directly.

I usually set up DNS Record for all domains. Some of them will need to set automatically from website or CRM for users.

Hope this help ring your bell:
(All in free cloudflare services)

  1. Set DNS record
    Set new DNS record, change IP when change/stop-start server
    Cloudflare API v4 Documentation
  2. Add/edit site
    (I think they call “Zone” in API, instead “Site” in admin)
    Cloudflare API v4 Documentation
  3. Get user token for set up other services
    Cloudflare API v4 Documentation
  4. Page Rules
    Sometimes, I need to set page rules for SSL or Redirect…
  5. Firewall
    In some cases, Cloudflare could call functions for DDos or Block IP, Country…

also consider the option for changing DDoS protection on and off.

E.g if website goes offline from some other trigger then enable DDoS protection “I’m under attack mode etc.”