Node Output is Truncated?

Hi there, I have been using n8n at version 0.119 and am testing out 0.138 which include a lot of new UI changes. One thing I noticed is that if I execute a node, the output is only shown using about a 1/3rd of the overall space it used to.

I pasted an example, before everything to the right of the node name “Execute Command” was used to display output but now there is a lot of whitespace and then a column of output and more whitespace. This doesn’t matter much for the example I pasted, but for our custom node, this new output view isn’t usable compared to the old view that used up the entire area next to the Node name.

Is this a bug that is being worked on or is this the intended output?


Old View:

New (Truncated) View:

Hey @dakotaheyman,

This is definitely a bug. Can you please share which OS and browser you’re using? Also, do you see this behaviour on for the Execute Command node or for all the nodes?

Thanks for the quick response @harshil1712 ! I am seeing this for all nodes, I am on a Mac and I tried Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers. If it helps, I can get one of my coworkers to try this on a Windows machine

hello @dakotaheyman I am trying to reproduce this issue but have not had any luck yet.
Can you please share which Mac OS system you are using and which versions of each browser?

Hi @Mutasem , I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
Here are the browsers and their versions:
Chrome Version 93.0.4577.82
Safari Version 14.1.2 (15611., 15611)
Edge Version 93.0.961.52

I used Browserstack to test these versions and I cannot seem to reproduce the issue. Have you made any custom changes to the editor? Can I PM you a test instance to see if you can reproduce the issue there?

Hi @Mutasem , I was able to use your instance and see the Node Output displaying correctly. I also tried bringing up the same docker image without any of my custom changes and it also works fine. So the issue must be with the Custom Node we built… its weird that its affecting all nodes output and not just our custom one but nevertheless, the error appears to be on our side.

Thanks for all your help debugging this! I will continue to investigate our code to resolve this

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It should not be the custom node (I have a basic custom node setup that I test against and have not seen this issue). I would double check any custom changes to the editor. Let me know if I can help in any way.

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