Nodemaker launch

Hi Everyone!

My team (@ivov) and I are happy to announce that we have just launched the nodemaker!

Here is the official repo:
Here is a demo:

While the repo contains more detailed documentation, here is a quick overview:

  • The nodemaker automates the process of creating n8n regular and trigger nodes by taking in JSON objects containing each resource/operation’s name, descriptions, associated endpoint, and associated fields and outputting the node’s *.node.ts, GenericFunctions.ts, *Descriptions.ts, and *.credentials.ts files.

  • There is both a CLI tool and a Vue frontend depending on the user’s needs.

  • In addition to code generation, the nodemaker can generate potential images for the node, write the documentation for the node, place the generated files into the correct folders, and automatically create a sample workflow on n8n’s site.

In the future, we (or any contributors) may add features to scan API docs and generate a node automatically (a great idea by @Tephlon).

We would love any feedback here or as issues on the repo!


Cool, great to hear!

Thanks a lot for creating the Nodemaker, I will try to check it out soon. Is a very amazing addition to the n8n eco-system and will make the live of all of us much easier and the process faster.


This is awesome news! I’m going to be giving this a serious work-out over the next few days!

Thanks a lot!