Not able to connect to Kafka


When trying to connect to a Kafka topic (using Kafka Trigger) I’m getting the following error:

{"level":"ERROR","timestamp":"2021-02-28T21:41:59.988Z","logger":"kafkajs","message":"[BrokerPool] Cannot read property 'toUpperCase' of undefined","retryCount":0,"retryTime":346}

This is happening when I disable the SSL since I’m only using user:password credentials to connect to my Kafka.
Any suggestions?

Thank you,
André Nogueira

Hey @aanogueira!

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Do you get the error when you enable the SSL?

Hello @harshil1712,

Thank you! :slight_smile:

No, the only error I get when enabling SSL if that the connection cannot be establish, since I’m not configuring the connection with the certificate because I don’t see any options to do it so (maybe editing the expression?).

Hello @aanogueira,

that error is showing up because of the SASL mechanism not being defined in the Kafka credentials. I’ve opened this PR that solves the issue. would you be able to test it and confirm?



Fix got released with [email protected]