Not able to create an organization in Pipedrive with custom properties

I’m trying to create an organization in Pipedrive with some customer properties, just like it works with a Deal or a Person. However, the only difference is that whenever I add a custom property, there are no dropdown options but rather a text field. And the flow stops since on this step with an error

"name": "NodeApiError",
"cause": {
"message": "400 - {"success":false,"error":"Invalid field(s) in the payload: Website, LinkedIn","error_info":"Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.","data":null,"additional_data":null}",
"name": "Error",
"stack": "Error: Request failed with status code 400 at createError (/data/node_modules/axios/lib/core/createError.js:16:15) at settle (/data/node_modules/axios/lib/core/settle.js:17:12) at IncomingMessage.handleStreamEnd (/data/node_modules/axios/lib/adapters/http.js:269:11) at IncomingMessage.emit (node:events:538:35) at endReadableNT (node:internal/streams/readable:1345:12) at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:83:21)"
"node": {
"parameters": {
"authentication": "apiToken",
"resource": "organization",
"operation": "create",
"name": "={{$node["Webhook"].json["body"]["current_company"]}}",
"additionalFields": {...} // 1 keys
"name": "Pipedrive",
"type": "n8n-nodes-base.pipedrive",
"typeVersion": 1,
"position": [
"alwaysOutputData": true,
"credentials": {
"pipedriveApi": {...} // 2 keys
"timestamp": 1650624769787,
"message": "Bad request - please check your parameters",
"httpCode": "400",
"description": "Invalid field(s) in the payload: Website, LinkedIn"

Hey @Artego, I hope you’re well?

Have you seen this post on the topic? Might be worth giving this a go and see if your custom fields can be written if you use the internal ID of the field.

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Geez. Pipedrive is always troublesome. Thank you for your help

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