Not receiving webhook data when Executing workflow

Hello, for a while now the n8n doesn’t work for me with the “Execute workflow” option with webhooks, I guess because of the Test Webhook and the Production Webhook stuff… Maybe?

I mean, I can’t listen to the webhook from the workflow in editing mode (“Execute workflow”), because if I send something to the webhook it doesn’t receive it and it doesn’t appear. On the other hand, if I stop listening to the workflow, I do receive Webhooks, but I cannot see them running in real time on the editing mode (“execute workflow”), I have to go to Executions and look at it there to see how it has been processed.

It happens with a Telegram Trigger and Facebook Trigger… This makes it very difficult to work with the scenario, because I have to go to Executions, see the result, go back to the scenario edition and try to guess the expressions to get the Webhook data from other nodes

I also tried to deactivate the workflow, and click “Execute workflow”, sending some message to my Telegram bot, and it doesn’t work. I don’t receive nothing. 1. I only have one webhook for this bot (I also generated a new API Token for the Telegram bot and updated on the only webhook I use, in case there where other somwhere else).

Anyone has any idea on what is this problem? It is happening me on two different installations of n8n i compeltely different servers.

PD: There’s another strange thing happening I don’t know if it has any relation to this… When I click “Execute workflow” it becomes “Waiting for Trigger Event…” and if I click the STOP button, I see a notification saying “Webhook deleted” but I still see the “Waiting for Trigger event” all the time… I attach a video here: 2022 03 24 13 21 16 - YouTube

Hey @ruccc, I am sorry to hear you’re encountering this behaviour.

As mentioned via Discord, Telegram only allows a single active webhook URL per registered bot at a time. Since production and test URL are different, only one of them works at a given time.

Could you check whether this is a problem specific to the services from your message by creating a new workflow with a generic webhook node?

Then activate it and execute it manually. Are both URLs (test and production) working when you send a request via Postman/Insomnia/curl?

Hello @MutedJam.

It seems the problem is not specific for the Telegram Webhook, because the same happens with a Generic Webhook. I think the problem is more on the UI of n8n or something similar, rather than the core n8n. I attach another video with a fresh generic webhook and Postman so you can see it.

With the workflow deactivated, after clicking on “Execute workflow” I send an HTTP Request to the Test URL and I receive an OK response: “Workflow got started”. BUT nothing happens on the n8n workflow in real time. It gets stuck on “Waiting for a Trigger Event” allt he time…

Hey @ruccc, this seems like your server data isn’t reaching the UI. Are you by any chance running n8n behind a reverse proxy which could cause this behaviour? Or have a particularly restrictive firewall in place?

You could verify this by running n8n on your local machine for a test (using docker run -it --rm --name n8n -p 5678:5678 -v ~/.n8n:/home/node/.n8n n8nio/n8n).

You are right, the problem is just on the UI side. I’ve created a new topic with this problem: