Nothing works since the update


I was running my workflows manually on the 1.3.1 free Desktop app on my side.
Then I updated with the new version, and my workflow disappeared and I can’t even do a simple HTTP GET or POST, it immediately returns a 415 code, whichever API I call.

What is going on ?

Hi @Hugop, I am very sorry for this. Which version of n8n did you upgrade from? It seems certain upgrade paths cause workflows to disappear due to a migration related to n8n’s user management functionality, a similar report came in over here although not for the desktop app.

Where exactly are you seeing the 415 response? Could you perhaps share an example workflow?

The new 1.9.0 mac version.

I see the 415 response whenever I make a HTTP call (whether GET or POST), or try to call a simple webhook.

Hi @Hugop, thank you for confirming. The team has discovered a problem with a database migration which has most likely caused the problem for you.

Can you try resetting your desktop user details as shown in the thread below and confirm if you’re able to access your workflows again afterwards?

As for the failed HTTP Requests could you share a screenshot of the exact error you are seeing?

Got released with [email protected]

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