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We are using n8n for migrating files from one server to another via SFTP. If we have 10 files, then we are looping the workflows using process by batch

At the notifying in teams, here if we are processing 10 files and 3 files at a time, notification sent those many loop running, how can we restrict it to run only once for all files and not each time the loop runs, FYI notification node is not within the loop it will run after the node checks if no files to process

Hi @Shalini, unfortunately you didn’t provide details about your n8n setup, but it seems you are using and older version of the Split in Batches node.

Perhaps you want to upgrade to the latest n8n version of n8n and add the new Split in Batches node to your workflow? The new node will have two outputs, one loop and one done:

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After process batch we had 3 parallel nodes running and all input to All files processed? node, which caused the issue now added a merge node from the parallel nodes and input that to All files processed, sent notification only once.
I also updated the Process batch to Split in batches, it works as expected. Thanks for the solution

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