Notion: Adding an image to a database page

Hello, I’ve been using n8n for a few weeks now and have been enjoying the experience so far!

Currently I’m trying to add an external URL image to a Notion database page that gets newly created within the workflow so I can display it as a card preview in Notion’s gallery view. I’ve tried to add an image to the property, the page cover, and as a block.

The Notion API seems to support all three:

However, it seems n8n doesn’t support files at the moment? Is this correct? If it’s indeed not supported at the moment, are there any plans to support the file type? Additionally, is there a way to add an image any other way, like using markdown or something?

This is my setup on n8n:

And these are the properties on Notion:

Currently using n8n version 0.146.0.

Welcome to the community @Naseki

We added files support a couple of weeks ago but have not released it yet. We will push the changes hopefully this next week along with other improvements in general.


Thank you for the fast response! In that case, I’m looking forward to the release. :slight_smile:

Hi all!

I’m a newbie to n8n but i’m very excited about the functionalities!

Could anyone help me out how to set a custom page icon for each new google event created?

It would be great to share some example workflow :pray:

Hey @Michel_93,

Apologies for the delay in response. I quickly checked the Notion node, and it seems like the node doesn’t support the functionality to add icons to a page. Do you know if the Notion API supports that? If it does, please create a feature request and we will get it added to Notion.

Hi @RicardoE105 ,
I hope you are well :slight_smile:
I do not see the feature. is it release?

It doesn’t seem to be added yet. Any updates?