Notion "Append Block": appends ALL blocks, not a single target block

In a Notion database item, which has several Blocks on the db page, when I try to append a specific block, ALL blocks are appended. How do I target a single specific target block?

Specifically: When I create the Notion Database Page, I add 4 test blocks (to later append to): 2 x toggle blocks, 1 x bullet list block and 1 x paragraph block. Then I am trying to append the 2nd toggle block to create nested text inside the toggle. The field I map to is " {{ $ }} ". I believe the problem is this same name exists in all blocks’ properties, therefore n8n must be appending the text to all blocks. How would I specify a specific block’s ID? Please see workflow below and screenshot of result…

Share the output returned by the last node

Here is the result in Notion: The text is added to all blocks…

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Hey @ccclapp,

So you have pretty much nailed it, Because our nodes loop for each input if your Get All Blocks is outputting 4 blocks the append will run once for each using the ID. You would need to use a filter or an if node between getting the blocks and appending to check what the block type is and work out if you need to do anything. The updated workflow below will result in this…


Hi @Jon

You (and n8n) are great! You solved this problem nicely.

FYI and you likely know… the 1st “if” node can be eliminated because the 2nd “if” node alone filters to the desired target block. Having said that, its helpful to see both of you “if” nodes as that shows me 2 examples of how to use it in slightly different ways…good for learning.


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Hey @ccclapp,

I did think about dropping the first one but then I though what if you had another block type with the same title. Anyway I am happy it works for you, Have a good weekend.

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