Notion: Copying blocks from one page to another

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to develop a system that will allow for all the blocks on one Notion page to be retrieved and then copied into a second page. From what I can see, you have to manually specify each block type (via append block), which prevents it from being dynamic.

Is there a way that you could just insert the data from the getAll block into the append block to avoid this?

Hey @pb84, welcome to the community!

You can select the type dynamically by adding an expression:

In the expression editor, simply select the type of the incoming block:

That said, the structure of each Notion block seems to differ a lot from quickly checking and n8n doesn’t seem to support all blocks (there is no embed block type for example). So you’d still need to build some manual logic to make this work using n8n’s Notion nodes.

It might be simpler to connect to Notion’s API directly through the HTTP Request node for your specific use case, but I haven’t done that before so can’t share any great advise here unfortunately.

Ah yes, understood - thank you. Yes I think the HTTP request will be the way to go.