Notion: Embeded video in a page

In notion when you paste a yt url it asks you if you want to 1) dismiss (it create a clickable url), 2) create a bookmark or 3) embed the video.

I would like to have the option to embed the video or create a nive bookmark but If you use the “rich text” and then “islink” option it includes the clickable url on the page but not the embeded video nor the bookmark as in notion. I wonder if there is a trick to do it or if I am missing something ? Maybe it is not possible ?
Thanks a lot for any feedback.

Hi @One1Tick, the Notion node in n8n does not support the embed block type. So to achieve this you’d need to call their API directly through the HTTP Request node. Here’s an example (make sure to replace d0bf71744c8c431cb9f7b76212e551ab with your actual page ID):

Using [email protected], this inserted the YT video like below on my test Notion page:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


@MutedJam thanks so much! I will try it tonight and keep u posted. best.

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It works well, btw good choice I am a big fan of Kylie…

However I tried to replace the fixed yt url by an url coming from a previous node and obviously I am stuck with an error (I am not fluent in javascript or json).

Tried this…

“url”: {{ $ }}

but it too simplistic… after some search I tried :

“url”: JSON.stringify($

not so bad but it adds some \" which does not work!

{“object”: “block”, “type”: “embed”, “embed”: {“url”: “"Kylie Minogue & Rick Astley - I Should Be So Lucky /Never Gonna Give You Up (Hyde Park 2018) - YouTube”"}}

Any idea, thx again

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I like this video too, no rick rolling intended :smiley:

Reading the video URL through an expression should work like so:

The overall value for the children body parameter is already wrapped in the double curly braces {{ }} indicating an expression. So you should be able to just replace "" with $ without having to add JSON.stringify or additional braces, assuming your link is a valid video URL of course :slight_smile:


That’s perfect, don’t know why I did not try this… maybe too simple.
Thanks a lot for your help. :pray:


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