Notion formula filter is not working

When I try to get Database pages from Notion a bug occurs. It happens when I try to use a formula as a filter property.

Hey @rubickwilde,

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I have a quick question, do you get a successful output when you don’t use Filters? Also, does this error only occur on the field that has the type formula?

Yes, when I don’t use fillers and when I use other filters (without formula) all is ok.

The issue is that the formula filter should also have a body property and as you can see from the screenshot, it doesn’t have this field.

Hey @rubickwilde,

Yes, I tested it out and got the same result. The filter option for a formula field type doesn’t allow one to pass any other parameters. Maybe @RicardoE105 can help us here.

That is a bug. Thanks for letting us know. I just added it to my TODO list.