Notion Integration [GOT CREATED]

Hello there!! I looked for a Notion ( request here but I didn’t found anything, so I’m posting this

Probably someone other than just me would make good use of being able to integrate Notion and saving stuff to a database!

(Automate already has it, so I guess it’s possible)


Welcome to the community.

As far as I know Notion does not have an official API yet. It seems like soon they will have one as they opened a private waitlist. As soon as they have one we will work on it.


Thanks!! I’ve been using Notion with the token_v2 as an unofficial “API”, but I guess there’s no point in working on that if an official API is being released!

Thank you so much! I’m new to n8n :smile: (on an AWS EC2 instance)

@juandiegoferri we are currently working on the node with the private beta API. However, we cannot release it until the API is at least in beta. I can tell you that is looking good, so stay tuned.


Notion is such a user-friendly tool and will be really powerful once we can start adding some automation magic :slight_smile: :rocket:

The API has gone live! Introduction

They even have a nodejs client.

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Ah yes, @RicardoE105 is already working on it since yesterday. We had planned to release it today but it seems to be more complicated than anticipated. I hope we can release it tomorrow.


Good to know, as I just wanted to build a node for Notion myself :slight_smile:

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I’m super excited - thank you for working on it and sharing! We’re the creators behind #theGamificationProject, and we’re excited to build the next stage of gamification of Notion with our own API server.

We’re actively looking for people to join us in building awesome new ways to tackle everyday problems in our community, so do let us know if you’re interested in developing together with us!


Got released with [email protected]


Awesome! Thank you all for your hard work. Does it support Notion page update yet (trigger)? I could only find pageAddedToDatabase.

Amazing! Instantly created a new workflow. It works great!

However, I have one problem, that I can solve with an IF, but maybe it could be more comfortable:
I have data, that sometimes contains a link which I’d like to add to a database page. If I leave it empty, I get an error from Notion, so I currently need to create a condition before.

@baflo, are you trying to add the link to a property of the database page?

@sirdavidoff yes, exactly

Found a small bug! The filters for select properties (equals and not equals) don’t work - upon execution, it will display no data found. Empty or not empty works though! It may be something I’m doing, hope someone can shed light on this.

@thex3family It got fixed and will probably be available in the next release.

@baflo Now, if the link is empty, it’s ignored. Meaning you should not need the IF node anymore.


Got released with [email protected]

I dunno… the Notion Trigger does not seem to work. I set it up to trigger at “Page Added to Database” and check every minute. By in the execution logs I don’t see it triggered, even when I actually add pages to the database.

@baflo Do you save successful executions?

@jan Successful execution appear in the execution list, if that’s the question. I haven’t configured anthing regarding the history.

Maybe it’s important to mention, that there’s a second Cron Trigger in the workflow. Does it work to have two triggers?

EDIT: Sometimes it works. Maybe 1 out of 5?