Notion integrations for child databases not always work and require manual restriction

Describe the issue/error/question

I add integration on a Notion page, to have API access for the page and all its children, including databases. But in fact, n8n often “doesn’t see” databases. Often, but not always. Until I manually remove the inherited integration and re-add it on the database level.

Important remark. The Integration is set on the page one level above. So the page is the son, and the databases are the grand-sons of the page with the integration. The problem is that if I add the integration on the middle page, it will not frant API access to the databases, its children. This is another issue with Notion access in n8n.


  1. I have a page with an integration added and two tables on the page

  2. They are absent in the n8n list of databases:

  3. I have to open the database as a page, remove the inherited integration and add it manually (see the “Restricted” note)

  4. This fixes the issue for the Table 1 (but not for the Table 2 of course)


This bug happens very unpredictably. Yesterday with another integration both tables were avalable. Today - only one. When I changed the integration for another one, both became unavailable until manually processed.

upd After an couple of hours, both Tables are available. But newly created databases again are not. Have no idea what it depends on.