Notion node: how to delete everything in a SELECT property?

When you want to clear a Select property, you can’t actually do that. When uptating, I HAVE to choose any option or inject a new one via epxressions. I can’t leave this field empty or I can’t pass Null or empty string.

I thing, this can be fixed

Hi @artildo
This is caused by giving the options to select from. An empty value needs to be coded in the processing of the options list. (so adding the empty value to the array of options that is retrieved by n8n)
Should be an easy fix to implement. But does still take some time of course.

Also, this is with all nodes that have an option list. Maybe something needs to be added that an empty value is possible when dealing with options. Or at least be able to set a flag in the code for this to be possible or not. That would be more work though. :sweat_smile:

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@BramKn So if I got you correctly, there’s no workaround but waitng till n8n fix this?
In the meanwhile I’m choosing a “neutral” status, but wished to have just an empty one.

@artildo I don’t think there is a real option without this piece of code to be changed. You could of course still use the HTTP node to do it, that will be a bit more work though.
And if you make the change yourself and create a Pull Request It might go faster, but not sure if they even have time for checking PRs and merging it. Also, there is a long list of them already :sweat_smile:

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