Notion Node: Page update with filtering field updated

Hi, everyone!

I have a question regarding the Notion node. Specifically the Notion trigger referring to the update of a page within a database.

The output of this node does not show which field has been updated. How can I retrieve it? Is there a possibility to filter only by updated field?

Or is there perhaps an option with HTTP Request and Notion API.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

@Jon @EmeraldHerald

Hey @LucaDipa,

I can’t see an option in the Notion API to get the changed field so it could be that a request needs to be opened with them to have something added to the API unless I have missed something. I know internally we use the edited time to work out if something has changed.

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Hi @Jon!

Thank you for your reply, I’ll send an email at Notion support for this feature.

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