Notion Trigger cannot select database error

I’m using n8n cloud, and trying to setup a Notion Trigger(beta) node. After creating a notion key, poll time, and selecting Event “Page added to Databases”, the combo box of Database show me an error with a red warning

Hi @fxp007, welcome to the community!

I can think of two reasons why you won’t see any database in this drop-down

  1. Notion credentials might be tricky, so maybe something messed up there. Can you see this credential test message?
  2. There are no databases in your notion account

Thanks for quick reply.

  1. The credential is success configured and here is the test message
  2. I have at leave then databases in my notion workspace, and I can see them in notionforms

    What else I can do to debug this problem?

Did you share these pages with the integration that you have created?
Referring to the last part of our Notion credential docs

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It works! Sorry I didn’t share the database with that integration because I didn’t notice the note part of the doc you metioned.

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No worries, I have myself missed it as well for the first time
It’s more of a signal that we should make this clearer within the app :slight_smile:

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