Npm run dev does not refresh ui with changes

When running npm run dev, the added changes are not updated in the ui-editor,
I tried reinstalling the npm modules and executing npm run dev separately for each package. But no luck. Any one had this issue before ? any idea how can i solve it ?

note : the changes are related to node description, credentials & properties

Welcome to the community @dali!

What port are you using? Port 5678 uses the built version, to get the auto refresh you would have to use port 8080 instead.

Thank you, yes i am using 8080

Ah sorry did not see the note that it is about node descriptions, credentials & properties.

They only get read once when n8n starts.

Is mentioned here in the guide:

When developing n8n must get restarted and the browser reloaded every time parameters of a node change (like new ones added, removed or changed). Only then will the new data be loaded and the node displayed correctly.```
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Oh, i get it now, probably it’s better to put that note under Development Cycle section directly next to

While iterating on n8n modules code, you can run npm run dev . It will then automatically build your code, restart the backend and refresh the frontend (editor-ui) on every change you make.

so others developers don’t miss it, Thank you for the help and have a nice day!

Yes, that is a very good point. Thanks! We will change that.

Have fun!

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