Null value in Notion Node causing Error

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When trying to set the value of a property to null (i.e. delete the value) an error occurs

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Very simply, {{null}} is passed within the expression:

Referring to the notion API, the value needs to be set to null to clear a property. Of course you cannot simply enter ‘null’ as this will be taken as a literal string and the property value will then literally be null rather than nothing as needed.

Null Values for Notion API discussed here on stack: Clearing Date object using Notion API? - Stack Overflow

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Please see error above

Hey @pb84

I am sorry to say it but now n8n does NOT support clearing date property, what I can suggest is set some weird date like year 2599 and then tract this date same as empty in filters.
Read more here: Notion clear date - #2 by RicardoE105

You can clear properties by leaving them empty. I just tested it with dates, and it worked fine. Make sure you are using version 2. To do that, add the node from the nodes menu instead of copying the node from another workflow/


Oh, really? I did not know, sorry for misleading ;/