Oaut2 consent screen authentification

Hello everyone i’m new to n8n I have decide to install it on my desktop. My first workflow would be to automate google calendar with notion. I have try Oauth 2 for google but they ask me a consent screen. I am not really sure about the right process to get this done.

What is the error message (if any)?

Do we have some documentation how to do the Oauth2, i have read the google process and it’s not working for me

  • Running n8n via desktop app]:
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Hey @Venel, welcome to the community!

From an n8n point of view it doesn’t really matter how you call your app or who the support contact is (unless you plan to re-use it without n8n you’re most likely the only one to ever see the consent screen). So you might want to check out Google’s documentation on this: Setting up your OAuth consent screen - Google Cloud Platform Console Help.

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Hi MutedJam,

Thanks for the answer and this will be use only for n8n. Is this solution for any type of install. Cause i’ll try the desktop version first and eventually thinking about the server version.

Yes, this would also be relevant when self-hosting n8n. On n8n.cloud things are a bit different, for many services there is a central application created by n8n so users wouldn’t have to run through these steps.

For example, this is the Google Sheets OAuth2 credentials screen for n8n.cloud, requiring only a single click:

The self-hosted-version would require you to create your own application on the Google Cloud Platform, with this screen looking like so:

Hi MutedJam,

I have to fill up the consent screen and i’m stock at this step.

Not sure what to put in

Hey @Venel,

I don’t remember having to fill that out when I created the API credentials for Google. On the OAuth consent screen have you pressed the publish button? I have kept mine as “testing” but from experience in the past those 2 links would be used to set the URL for your application and where your privacy policy is for users to agree to.

For something internal you don’t need to worry about it so you could put in anything you want just make sure you don’t make your app available to everyone. It is probably easier to keep it in testing mode.